A case of Multiple corns

A case of chronic multiple corns in both palms, in fingers of both hands and in sole of both feet.

I am Mrs. S. Vaghani. I was suffering from plenty of corns in both hands and feet. It was very painful condition. I was not able to bear pain of it. I once had done surgical excision of it but again it apperead on Bsame spot as well as new corns even appeared on both feet and palms even. I was very hopeless regarding its cure. But one of my relative suggested me to visit CARE & CURE ADVANCED HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC. So with a ray of hope i went there. Here dr. consulted me and took a detailed history of mine and gave me medicine. To my surprise the pain of all corns was gone within 10 days only. I was very happy as the bothering thing was away now. But day by day I found great recovery in it and within one and half month my all corns were totally cured. Thanks to CARE & CURE ADVANCED HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC.