Myths & Facts about homoeopathy

Myth : homoeopathy works slow

FACT: The action of homoeopathic medicines solely depends on the disease condition. For e.g. acute cases like tonsillitis, neuralgias, hypertension, colic etc. the action of the remedy selected is equally fast. However, the general feeling that homoeopathy works slow may be due to the fact that the cases most often seen by homoeopaths are usually of long standing duration or chronic in nature.

Myth :homoeopathy is more placebo effect and faith healing

FACT: Scientific double blind studies have indicated that homoeopathy is far above the placebo effect. The effect of homoeopathic medicine has been observed during clinical trials carried out for various diseases. Recognized homoeopathic institutions are carrying out these clinical trials. There is a regulating body, the Central Council of Research in homoeopathy, which monitors these research works and keeps record of these trials with scientific evidence.

Myth : homoeopathy gives same white medicines for all diseases

FACT: What seems so is not true. The white pills which you are dispensed from a homoeopath are only neutral vehicles or carriers of actual medicines that is sprinkled on them. When the actual drug is poured on these white pills they get coated with the curative power of the drug. Different drugs are usually poured in various differing potencies as to best suit different patients. There are about 3000 medicines and 10 variable potencies (powers of medicines) of each medicine.

Myth :Only chronic cases can be cured by homoeopathy

FACT: The notion that homoeopathy works well in chronic cases is true but it works equally well in acute cases too with the additional advantage that the recurrence of acute problems like that of tonsillitis, recurrent cold and coughs, frequent skin allergies is markedly reduced by the use of constitutional homoeopathic medications. homoeopathy has excellent medicines to treat Emergency cases in graceful and effective way.

Myth : homoeopathy first increase the disease condition & then relieve

FACT: It is a myth. It does not happen to all cases. But if medicine is repeated more than the need, or the potency chosen is higher than required by the patient then there is a medicinal aggravation or increase in the complaints, but these symptoms would subside on its own as soon as that medicine is withdrawn and the right potency medicine is to be administrated for getting the curative action.

Myth :Restriction for diet during the treatment

FACT: homoeopathic medicines are absorbed from the tongue and the inner lining of the mouth hence patients are asked not to eat or drink any thing for 15 minutes before and after taking the medicine. Also, one has to avoid onions, garlic, coffee and mint as they may antidote the medicine. These are few of the restrictions.

Myth : homoeopathy cannot be taken along with other medications

FACT: homoeopathic medicines can be taken along with other medications without any side effects and complications. homoeopathic medicines also help in reducing the side effects of the conventional therapy like in case of cancer. homoeopathic medicine will help in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy and radiations and boosts the resistance.

Myth : Diabetic patients cannot take homoeopathic medicines as they are sweet

FACT: Diabetics can take homoeopathic medicines without any fear of increasing the blood sugar levels as homoeopathic medicines are composed of lactose and not glucose which is harmful for diabetes. Also the amount of sugar in homoeopathic medicines consumed in one week is not more then one tea spoonful of sugar. And still if the patient disagrees to this, homoeopathic medicines can be taken in liquid form which is not sweet.

Myth :Disease diagnosis is not important in homoeopathy

FACT: In fact diagnosis is of utmost importance for a homoeopath as his sound knowledge of disease will help him differentiate between common symptoms of disease and the individualistic symptoms of person thus help him select the homoeopathic medicine on individualistic symptoms which is basis of homoeopathic prescription. Also the sound clinical knowledge helps to understand the stage of the disease from which the susceptibility and sensitivity of a particular individual is assessed and which is one of the most important base for selection of the potency and repeatation.