Pediatric Care


What Homoeopathy Can Offer for Healthy Development of Child?

Every parent is concerned with health of their child, their growth & the development; and their opportunity to achieve full potential as an adult. The aim to deliver and develop healthy child would begin right from conception. The total care (Nutritional, at mental level, Immune level etc…) of pregnant women is most essential in healthy development of fetus.

Homoeopathy is a dynamic medicine that has power to cross placental barrier smoothly and influence development of fetus right into womb. Having power to maintain harmony of mind and body, it can regulate many biological processes (like Genetic, Metabolic, Immunnlogical, Endocrinal etc…) within mother and by doing so it can maintain health of pregnant women as well as it can also facilitate healthy development of fetus within womb. It is observed that pregnant women taking homoeopathic treatment has passed their pregnancy period very smoothly without developing any major ailment (like-morning sickness, oedema, anemia, blood pressure etc…) and deliver more healthy child as compared to other pregnant women. Many times it has been observed that with homoeopathy, we can manage many abnormalities which have significant impact on mother and developing fetus like malposition and maldevelopment of fetus.

After birth, the infant passes through various phases of learning and development starting from sucking response, development of musculo-skeletal, digestive, nervous, immune, endocrine system etc… This entire process of development is bio-genetically set process and for starting such process within time (Such as Dentition, sitting, walking etc) & complete successfully depends on various factors like genetic background, metabolisms, nutrition etc… this development maybe altered due to some or the other reasons and the child may suffer from dentitional problem, difficulty or delay in standing & walking, digestion problem like colic, diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite etc…

Homoeopathy can CURE such complains in a natural way by correcting the metabolism and increasing immunity. Homoeopathy offers total care for development of child so that can pass the developmental landmarks smoothly and with good health.

Physiological Conditions Which Can be Tackled with Homoeopathy Medicine:

  • Infantile colic
  • Excessive crying & altered sleep pattern
  • Temper Tantrum
  • Dentitional complaints like diarrhea, cold , irritability etc.
  • Delayed Development of Various landmarks like
  • Sitting, walking, dentition, control over stool and urine etc

Children have developing immune system and that is why they are susceptible to various environmental factors, infection etc… so need special care and attention. They are more prone to develop infection and allergic disorder of skin, respiratory system etc. Homoeopathy has direct influence on immune system and has capacity to develop and strengthen immune system, so is able to fight in a better way and eradicate them from roots.


  • Respiratory System: Recurrent cold & cough, allergic rhinitis, Otitismedia, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma etc..
  • Gastro-intestinal System: Anorexia, Colic, Worms, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Dysentry etc…
  • Skin: Dermatitis, Eczema, alopecia, Urticaria, Psoriasis, vitiligo, TineaVersicolor, Pityriasis alba(white spots) etc…
  • Psychiatric Disorder: Depression, Fear, Phobia, anxiety, Behavioral Problem, Learning Disorder etc…
  • Neurological Disorder: Nocturnal enuresis, Convulsion etc…


  • Development of child as whole
  • Development of powerful immune system to fight against various infections and allergic disorder
  • Development of emotion and intellect in healthy to adapt and compete with demands of modern world.
  • Medicine is very easy to take as it is sweet in taste which makes it favourite amongst children and are very well tolerated by them