Hair Care


When we come to problems of hair lusterless hair, early greying, eczema of scalp, allergy to hair color, hair fall after childbirth ill effects of bleaching, dying, perming, straightening with chemicals are few of the problems to mention out of many which people face nowadays cause being so many chemicals in shampoos, conditioners, gels and other hair products which are a most do for these youngsters. We have a permanent solution for all these disorders as well which can check hair fall and greying if taken at an early stage. Care & Cure is the one and only clinic of this kind who have treated successfully more than 7000 patients of hair and have brought confident to their lives.

Dandruff, these days every third person is facing this problem. Cause could vary from improper hygiene to diet to allergy, hormonal imbalance to emotional stress. If along with diet correction and hygiene, homoeopathic medicine is also administrated one can easily let his or her hair down at party next evening without the fear of white flakes falling on shoulders.

Dandruff occurs when the scalp shed dead epidermal cells in large clumps. Dandruff scales appears dry, white or greyish, appearing small with unsighty patches sp. on top of the head

Scalp replenishes themselves in a pattern similar to that of hair but more rapidly the skin of the head renew itself about once a month. Dead scalp cells constantly being pushed from the deepest layer of the epidermis to the skin surface, where they gradually die. Usually the scalp shed them in a nearly invisible way but for some unknown way, cell turn over sometimes becomes usually rapid and dead cells are shed as the visible flakes called dandruff.

Alopecia (hair fall) is an autoimmune resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. In the disease, immune system cells attacks the rapidly growing cells in the hair follicles that makes the hair. The affected hair follicle becomes small and drastically hair production is delayed. Fortunately, the stem cells that continuingly supplying the follicles with new cells does not seems to be targeted. So, the follicles always have the potential to regrow hair.

So, to conclude for treatment of cosmetic problems external application has an immense role to play but along with it we have to administer internal medicine the constitutional medicine which will correct the economy from within the system.

The science of Homoeopathy has earned its place in today’s medical world as a leading therapeutic contender and not only as an alternative mode of treatment. You can depend on Homoeopathy as a first-line of treatment for gamut of cosmetic conditions.

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