About Care & Cure

Care & Cure is the first Homoeopathic specialty clinic of its kind - in Surat that deals with day to day problem of PAEDIATRIC, SKIN AND COSMETIC.

Homoeopathic science emerges as COMPLETE THERAPEUTIC SCIENCE capable of treating acute and chronic diseases of paediatic and skin condition without suppressing them and thereby giving-THE COMPLETE CURE. Here our mission is to bring CARE of the children and skin in a gentle way with the help of magic touch of Homoeopathy in combination with mordern technology- there by giving patients-The permanent CURE.

Our Mission

Care & Cure Advanced Homoeopathy clinic brings to you Online Homoeopathic Consultation and Treatment at just a click of a mouse. The treatment provided is purely based on Classical Homoeopathy. We believe in treating the patient, not just his disease. Our only mission is to cure the patient gently and permanently without suppressing his disease. Our mission is to help the sick and to bring about permanant cure and restore sick to health irrespective of his stay anywhere in the world.


Care & Cure Advanced Homoeopathy clinic follows the classical homoeopathy approach i.e. treating the individual and not just his symptoms. We follow the individualistic and totalistic approach which considers the whole individual for treatment and not just the disease symptoms. We assure to alleviate your sufferings provided you give us a correct and honest history.

How does our Online Treatment work?

Online treatment is similar to visiting a doctor; the only difference is you consult a physician virtually and not in person. Classic online homoeopathic consultation works very well for chronic cases and acute non-emergency cases. In case of emergency cases you must visit a local physician and after you have stabilized, homoeopathic remedies can help you recover faster and avoid further complications in future.

Online homoeopathic consultation primarily involves registration process i.e. entering the primilinary data and query if any. Once you submit, you will be able to download the case record for adult and paediatric. Fill it in best possible way and send it to our registered Email id : careandcurehomoeo@yahoo.co.uk. Photos of the affected parts and video recording of the patient will be of additional help for better understanding of the patient. If you desire to talk to the physician, you can call up at the clinic contact number during clinic working hours or can chat online with the physician by taking prior appointment.

If we need any more specific information for case analysis, we will send you an e-mail. In case we need to advise you to get some investigations done, you will also be informed of the same. When we have all the needed information to select the correct medicine for you, we will inform you and courier you the remedy at the address provided by you. This process of analysis will take maximum of 3 to 4 days provided you give us exact and complete history.

Follow up

Regular follow up is essential for faster recovery without interruption. For follow up, you need to click to follow up section and submit. You have to give in the details, whether your complaints are better, same or worse than before. If you have any other queries, you may also put forward the same.